Divide book into 6 sections. Come up with 5 questions and answers for each section. Partners should rotate (every other section) between who is providing the questions and answers.

13 Responses to “The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (9H-2008)”
  1. Brittney VanGorden says:

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower Section 1 Questions

    1.) Name the person who was most important to Charlie and what happened to this person.

    2.) Explain how Charlie feels about Michael’s death.

    3.) Contrast Charlie’s feelings toward Sam and Patrick.

    4.) Assess the relationship between Bill and Charlie.

    5.) Retell what happened when Charlie returned home from his talk with Bill at school.

  2. Lindsay Lee says:

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower Section 1 Answers
    1.) The person that was most important to Charlie was his Aunt Helen and she passed away when he was younger.

    2.) Charlie feels that Michael was a nice guy and is sad about his death, but what bothers him most is not knowing why Michael committed suicide. He wished Michael had talked to him or left some kind of note to explain why he did it.

    3.) Charlie thinks they are both really nice, but he has feelings for Sam. He thinks she is really pretty and is the first girl he ever wanted to ask on a date. Patrick is just Charlie’s friend they both can trust and rely on one another.

    4.) Charlie looks at Bill as a mentor and a friend. He is easy to talk to and helps Charlie with his reading and writing skills. He is always giving Charlie books to read and assignments on the books to test his writing abilities.

    5.) After Charlie returned home he found his sister in the living room crying. Bill had called Charlie’s parents and told them about his sister’s boyfriend hitting her. His parents were very upset and made his sister break up with her boyfriend immediately. She blamed Charlie for the whole thing because he was not suppose to tell anyone, especially an adult.

  3. Lindsay Lee says:

    1.) Spell out the specifics of Charlie’s new job.

    2.) Retell Charlie’s sister’s plan with the boy Charlie saw with her at the dance.

    3.) Explain who Charlie’s Secret Santa receiver is and what his first present is.

    4.) Identify the gift that Sam gives Charlie and what the first two words that Charlie ever wrote on his gift.

    5.) Outline Charlie’s first kiss.

  4. Brittney VanGorden says:

    1.) He started working for a “fanzine” called Punk Rocky, which is a Xerox magazine about punk rock and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Mary Elizabeth is in charge of the magazine.

    2.) When Charlie asked his sister about the boy at the dance she said that she has been seeing this boy secretly, and that they are going to get married after they both finish college, and he finishes law school.

    3.) Charlie’s Secret Santa receiver is Patrick and his first present to him is a mixed tape and it has winter kind of songs.

    4.) Sam gives Charlie an old typewriter and after Sam says to write about her some time, Charlie writes on the typewriter “I will.”

    5.) Charlie’s first kiss was from Sam because she wanted Charlie’s first kiss to be from someone who loves him.

  5. Brittney V says:

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower Section 2 Questions

    1.) Distinguish the person who wrote the poem that Charlie gave to Patrick.

    2.) Justify why Charlie would feel that he was somewhat responsible for his Aunt Helen’s death.

    3.) Explain the promise that Charlie made to his Aunt Helen.

    4.) Interpret what Charlie means when he says, “….I understand the end of the poem. And I never wanted to.”

    5.) Uncover the reason that Charlie took LCD.

  6. Lindsay Lee says:

    1.) The person who wrote the poem that Charlie gave to Patrick was Michael.

    2.) Charlie would feel somewhat responsible because the reason his Aunt Helen left that day was to get him a birthday present.

    3.) He promised his Aunt Helen that he would only cry about important things because he would hate to think that crying as much as he does would make crying for his Aunt Helen less than it is.

    4.) He understands the poem because he now knows what it feels like to want your life to end. He wants to die and finally be able to forget about Sam and his Aunt Helen.

    5.) Charlie took the LCD because he wanted to feel better. He was really depressed because this was around the time of his Aunt Helen’s death and on top of that Sam was with Craig instead of him.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Tell if Charlie likes his new psychiatrist?

    Simplify Charlie’s sister’s reaction to him smoking?

    Interpret an example of foreshadowing in this section of the novel.

    Exploit who asks Charlie to the Sadie Hawkins’ dance?

    Explain the reason Charlie’s sister was crying in the basement?

  8. Brittney V says:

    1.) Charlie says that he likes his new psychiartrist better than his last psychiatrist because he says that they talk about things that he feels, thinks and remembers.

    2.) Charlie’s sister was extremely angry and she says that she was going to tell their parents, but then she realized that he could tell on her for getting an abortion

    3.) In this section of the novel there is an example of foreshadowing when Charlie tries to talk to her and she is very moody and tells him to shut up, this foreshadows Charlie’s sister telling him she is pregnant.

    4.) Mary Elizabeth asks Charlie to the Sadie Hawkins’ dance in the parking lot at the movies.

    5.) Charlie’s sister was crying in the basement because she was pregnant and she knew she couldn’t tell her parents because she was supposed to be seeing the father of the child.

  9. muldowney says:

    For #5, I believe you mean “she was [not] supposed to be seeing the father of the child.”

    So far so good. Developing answers a bit more may help you delve into the book a bit deeper. Having read it, I know you’re missing some points.

    Perfect to this point.

  10. Brittney says:

    1.) Propose why Patrick told Charlie to, “ wait until things clear up” before hanging out with his friends again.

    2.) List some of the reasons why Charlie was becoming annoyed with Mary Elizabeth.

    3.) Expound what happened at Craig’s party.

    4.) Justify why Sam has a right to be mad at Charlie.

    5.) Spell out what happened in the cafeteria.

  11. Lindsay says:

    1)He told Charlie to wait until things cleared up because he knew that everyone was upset with him. It made everyone feel uncomfortable when he kissed Sam and it really upset Mary Elizabeth and Craig. He just didn’t want Charlie to make things worse for himself.

    2)He was becoming annoyed because she would never let him talk, she called his house all the time, and she gave him presents that only she would talk about.

    3)Patrick wanted to play truth or dare and when Charlie was told to kiss the prettiest girl in the room he kissed Sam instead of his girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth.

    4)Sam had a right to be mad at Charlie because she was friends with Mary Elizabeth and when Charlie kissed her it messed up her friendship with Mary. It also upset her boyfriend, Craig.

    5)In the cafeteria Patrick went to Brad’s table to talk with him. Instead of talking, Brad made fun of Patrick in front of his football friends. Patrick became so angry that he punched Brad. All the football guys then proceeded to gang up on Patrick. That’s when Charlie came to help Patrick get the guys off of him.

  12. Lindsay says:

    1.) Analyze the reason Charlie didn’t want to “move forward” with his relationship with Sam.

    2.) Explain how Charlie felt when he found out Craig and Sam broke up.

    3.) Identify how Charlie felt when his friends and sister went to college.

    4.) Illustrate the time when Charlie feels infinate

    5.) Summarize what happens when Charlie goes to Bill’s house

  13. Brittney says:

    1.) Charlie didn’t know the reason why he didn’t want to move forward with Sam because he felt terrible about it and he wanted it to happen because he loved Sam and they were together. He pretended that he wasn’t ready but he was ready and he didn’t know what his problem was; then he starting crying really hard.

    2.) The night that Sam and Craig broke up Charlie realized that he wasn’t happy about Craig and Sam breaking up and he didnt think that Sam might start liking him now that they were broken up; he just cared about Sam getting hurt. That’s when he realized he loved her.

    3.) Charlie was devastated when they went to college, after they left he was even hospitalized and he wasn’t acknowledging anyone for a week, but then at the end he states that everything will be okay and that he will try to participate next year.

    4.) Charlie feels infinate when Patrick, Sam and he went through the tunnel to the city and played the radio really loud. He felt infinate because he didn’t care if he saw downtown he just enjoyed being in the tunnel like they used to do.

    5.) Bill tells him that it was a wonderful expirience teaching him and that he really is special and extemely intelligent. After Bill tells Charlie that he considers him a friend he starts to cry.

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